Therapy for children

My experience in the educational and therapeutic area, taught me one thing:
Even if all children are different and unique, they all have the same needs of love, support and structure in order to grow healthily.
The child is not the property of his parents and she/he is full-fledged individual with his own needs and rights.
Therefore, children deserves our respect and our full attention just like an adult. Evidently their range of expression is not as elaborate as an adult and so during a session the relationship develops more in action than in words. I use different and various media (sand tray, games, albums and fairytales, role play, puppets and drawings…) in order to facilitate the emotional, physical, intellectual expression, respecting their adequate competencies.

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We can work online using Skype or Zoom. I also give consultations by appointment at Aurum Well Being Centre, 18 Carre Casanova, Barcelona, 08011, Espagne