Couple counselling

Couple therapy is complex. It requires good skills from the therapist who deals with 4 different relationships playing at the same time during the session. (The relationship between the therapist and each individual, the relationship between the couple itself and the relationship between the therapist and the couple as a whole.)
A successful therapy doesn’t mean there will be a “happily ever after” and sometimes the therapy will facilitate a separation.
As a Gestalt therapist I will be putting myself in a neutral position meaning that my aim is not to save your relationship but rather support you to find your own way together or separately.
What I offer you is a safe place to take time to breathe, observe, listen, explore and express what needs to be expressed.

Couple counselling therapy in Barcelona city

What I will intend to do is raise your awareness of how you are within your relationship focusing altogether on your emotional, physical and intellectual being.
Together we will learn a better way of communicating and allow ourselves to feel vulnerable in front of  others, to be accepting (including ourselves) and to be respectful.
What is useful in couple therapy is your willingness to express yourself, your readiness to learn and explore, even if it’s different to what you are expecting and to take ownership of your responsibilities in the co-creation of your relationship.

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We can work online using Skype or Zoom. I also give consultations by appointment at Aurum Well Being Centre, 18 Carre Casanova, Barcelona, 08011, Espagne