Your First session

The first meeting is rather important and you might feel anxious at the beginning, but remember I am not here to judge but to help.

During this session, I invite you to tell your story  and explain your concerns. From then on we will see what problems might emerge.

It is a moment for me to gather information about you and it is part of the therapeutic process. At the same time, we will check whether or not we feel comfortable enough to work together.

After all, this is a time of mutual assessment so don’t be disappointed if you think it won’t work.

At the end of the session, we may decide to embark on a short term or open ended therapeutic journey.

Your session fees

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We can work online using Skype or Zoom. I also give consultations by appointment at Aurum Well Being Centre, 18 Carre Casanova, Barcelona, 08011, Espagne